Thursday, August 22, 2002

Love Me Until I Have To Tell People I Fell Down Some Stairs Day!

Love me so hard and so often and so stupid crazy that when people ask, "Why don't you have money for food?" I'll have to say, "No one I know drinks. I'm just saving up for an expensive pair of shoes."

Love me so raucously you leave bruises like bracelets round my wrists and when people ask why I wear three watches on each arm I'll just have to tell them, "Swatch is coming back in a big big way."

Love me till I leap out of my chair at loud noises shouting "No No I'm sorry I'll be quiet!" and then have to promise everyone in the conference room that I'll be switching to decaf post-haste.

Love me with a fury that makes me think I'm a filthy, filthy whore who deserves to die 'neath an overpass alone and forgotten so that I assume all human interaction is about getting the upper hand and making sure the payoff is in your fist up front so that when my friends compliment me on my outfit I stiffen and ready myself for the hustle that's sure to come and they can hear in my voice that my defenses are going up when I respond, "This old thing?"

Love me, I won't sleep.

Love me, I won't wash.

Love me 'til I'm on a bus back to my parents' house.

Love me. It's on.

Happy Love Me Until I Have To Tell People I Fell Down Some Stairs Day! Now give me my roses.