Sunday, January 31, 2016

Your Dog Ran Away Day!

He was found several towns away. It’s a miracle. Someone’s driving him up your driveway right this minute.

“Starsky!” you shout as he slides out of the car.

You run down the driveway and wait on your knees with open arms. Starsky trots up the driveway towards you.

“Come on, Starsky!” you shout.

Starsky slows as he approaches you. His shoulders fall. His head bows, reluctant. But also, ashamed.

You hold your arms out, but you don’t know if Starsky wants your embrace.

He halts just a few steps before you. Finally, he looks up and meets your eyes with his own.

You see it then. This runaway. It was no accident. Starsky wasn’t lost.

Your arms lower. You nod at him.

“It’s okay,” you say. “It’s okay boy. I understand.”

Starsky turns from you. He trots away. The man who returned him to you moves to stop him but you raise your palm to tell him to let the dog go.

You know when it’s over. You know when someone’s done with you.

Happy Your Dog Ran Away Day!