Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lose At Pool Day!

Tonight at the bar, challenge another bar patron to a game of pool. Don’t make any shots.

“Are you losing intentionally?” the other player will ask.

Say yes.

“Then I don’t want to play,” the other player will say.

Tell him you’ll start playing for real, then don’t.

“Were you lying when you said you would play for real?”

Say yes.

“Then I don’t want to play!”

Tell him, okay, you admit that you were losing intentionally and you were lying when you said you’d start playing for real, but it’s just because you like to give yourself big challenges, so you let him get a major lead on you. Now, though, it’s a big enough challenge so you’re going to try to come back from your deficit by playing the best game you’ve ever played.

After your next few shots are just horrible, the other player will say, “Were you lying about that wanting a challenge stuff?”

Say no.

“Are you lying now?” he’ll ask.

Say, “What is truth?”

The other player will beat you with his pool cue until you’re dead. Hooray, you died in a bar, just like you always wanted.

Happy Lose At Pool Day!