Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Haunted Life Raft Day!

You and the other survivors of the capsized cruise ship have been floating for three days. Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for the ghost that’s haunting your life raft.

“I don’t think she even died on our cruise,” one of you says. “Do they reuse life rafts from other sunken ships?”

“Maybe she died on the boat itself,” someone responds. “Like of a heart attack. Or she got on the boat and her husband was supposed to meet her in their cabin but he never showed and sent a note saying he left her so she killed herself and then decided to haunt a life raft.”

“Maybe she died building the life raft,” someone else suggests. “Like in the factory?”

You all agree that that’s the most logical explanation. She must have been a life raft factory worker who died building the life raft so she haunted it.

Just then her apparition appears. You tell her you think that she died building a life raft and you want her to know her death wasn’t for nothing. That life raft she built is saving all of your lives.

“I never worked in a life raft factory you dumbasses,” she screams. “Time to take another one of you.”

She goes to the back of the boat and reaches her ghostly arm into a woman’s mouth, then pulls her insides out of her mouth until she’s turned the woman inside out completely.

You all help shove the spasming bloody inside out woman into the water. You have ten more hours to again guess why the ghost is haunting that life raft before she pulls the internal organs from another one of you.

Happy Haunted Life Raft Day!