Monday, February 01, 2016

Bake Cookies Day!

Bake cookies so your mom will be surprised when she comes home. You know she likes ginger cookies, but you don’t have all the ingredients. So bake chocolate chip cookies. She’ll still be impressed that her little girl baked cookies all on her own.

Once you’ve got three dozen, set them out to cool and go upstairs to change into something nice before your mom comes home.

You hear the front door open while you’re changing, so you hurry up into a dress then you run downstairs to find your big brother inhaling the cookies on the counter.

“Those are for mommy!!” you scream as you throw yourself on his back trying to knock the cookies out of his hand. “They’re for mommy!”

He spins around, trying to shrug you off.

“Stop it!” he yells. “Get off!”

“They’re for mommy!”

He spins again and slams his head into the corner of the cabinet. You fall off his back as he slumps down to the floor moaning. Cookies are everywhere.

“You ruined it!” you cry.

“It’s okay,” he says, holding his head.

“No you ruined it!” You try to gather the broken cookies but they keep falling apart.

“It’s okay,” he says. “She’s not coming back. She doesn’t deserve your cookies because she’s not coming back. She doesn’t want us.”

You give up collecting the crumbs and you cry into his sweatshirt.

“They were good cookies,” your big brother says. “I’m glad she didn’t get any. I’m glad she doesn’t get to enjoy all the good things you can do. She doesn’t deserve to.”

When your dad comes home he finds the two of you on the kitchen floor, surrounded by the mess. He doesn’t say a word. Just goes to his room and shuts the door behind him like every night since she went away.

Happy Bake Cookies Day!