Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Love For A Year Day!

The dystopia you live in has a rule that people in love can only stay together for a year. At which time they have to apply to the government for an extension. If they aren’t granted an extension they have to either break up or commit suicide.

“It’s not fair,” you tell Greg.

“Better to have loved and lost,” Greg shrugs.

“It’s because the government is scared of love you know. The government doesn’t ban anything unless it’s a threat to their power.”

“What power does love have?” Greg asks.

The clock strikes midnight. Your year is up. You pull Greg’s face to yours and you kiss him.

A siren sounds. You both go on the run, hand in hand, a beacon for governmentally-thwarted lovers everywhere. The nation celebrates your love as the love that will set them free.

One night the president issues a pardon for your crime.

“It’s all right for them to stay together. The law only applies to lovers. Greg’s not that into her.”

You become livid. “He’s only doing that to try and break us up.”

Greg bites his lip. “Actually…”

You break up and Greg starts dating someone else, but the revolution continues. Lovers all across the land continue to love each other in violation, which pisses you off because now the whole country knows you just got dumped, and getting dumped used to be easier when it was the law.

Happy Love For A Year Day!