Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Your Girlfriend’s Band Just Hit It Big Day!

Your girlfriend’s band HOT SEXY MUSIC PLAYING is becoming huge with their new single NAUGHTY DANCEY SONG ABOUT TITS sweeping the nation like a bunch of fast eagles trying to get from one end of the nation to the other and then back again. You’d better find out whether she still wants you in her life or not.

“Honey,” you’ll say through her dressing room door. There’s a star on it. “Everything okay between us?”

Her manager will tell you through the door that you and your girlfriend are broken up, and that they had you barred from the building where she gets dressed, so you’re officially trespassing.

“The police are on their way and they’ll shoot you on sight,” he’ll say.

“But I don’t have any weapons. I haven’t done anything,” you’ll argue.

“The police love NAUGHTY DANCEY SONG ABOUT TITS,” he’ll say. “And they’ll do anything to insure that HOT SEXY MUSIC PLAYING releases more awesome music. Sorry but that’s rock and roll.”

You’ll feel two gunshots to your back. The police must have snuck up from behind and started shooting.

“You’d better not get any blood on that dressing room door,” your girlfriend’s manager will say through the door. As you die, you’ll do your best to wipe the door clean of your blood with your sleeve, but the blood will just smear. You’ll die hoping that if you can get that blood off the door, maybe your girlfriend will get back together with you for the last few seconds of your life, but watching that blood smear you’ll know that it’s not going to work out and you are going to die single.

Happy Your Girlfriend’s Band Just Hit It Big Day!