Monday, February 19, 2007

Missile Time Day!

Today, write a children's book that begins when the missiles are in the air and the world has seventy-seven minutes left before obliteration. The kid in the book then spends the duration of the story asking his Mom if he can do all the stuff he was never allowed to do before and she lets him because the end of the world is coming.

Mommy may I climb the big oak tree outside?
Yes you may sweetie, since this will be your only chance.
Mommy may I play with the oven?
Yes you may honeybunch, but be quick about it before the whole world becomes an oven.
Mommy may I drive the car?
Yes you may my handsome boy, just don't go far and don't go fast.
Mommy may I call my Daddy?
Yes you may little man. Here's his phone number. Say goodbye.
Mommy may I pee right here?
Pee whereever you like my baby. It'll all be cleaned up by the scrub-brushes of flame.

The illustrations will show the boy having the most fun he's ever had in his short little life while missiles soar overhead and his neighbors run around packing up their cars or shrieking at the sky in terror. Your book will be celebrated as the first children's book to help kids not be scared of the coming nuclear winter because it'll be a time when they can do anything they want without getting into trouble because all bets are off.

Happy Missile Time Day!