Friday, February 09, 2007

An Australian Man Is Making Love To Your Wife Day!

At this very moment, an Australian man is making love to your wife. They're in your bed. She's naked and on her back, and he's wearing only a snakeskin vest. Your wife just shouted "yes" and the Australian man just said "Crikey," which means, "this sex is excellent."

They met when your wife was pulling out of the supermarket and she saw him wandering around by the side of the road, looking really lost. Your wife pulled over and asked if he was okay, and he called her a "Sheila," which means "woman." She offered to give him a lift, and he was so adorably naive while at the same time rugged that she couldn't help herself. She brought him home and they began making love.

After they're done, he'll ask her to make him a vegemite sandwich. She'll tell him that she doesn't have any vegemite, and that here in America, men and women are equal and that he should make his own sandwich. He'll say "Crikey," which still means, "this sex is excellent."

Happy An Australian Man Is Making Love To Your Wife Day!