Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Boats Crash Day!

Today a lost oil tanker is going to float into your lagoon while you're not catching any fish (sometimes seems like that's the whole point of fishing doesn't it). The oil tanker will sneak up on you and it'll just give the back of your boat the gentlest little shove. You'll look way up to the Russians leaning out over the bow of the tanker and they'll be trying to sign something to you because they can tell you don't speak their language.

You won't be able to make out what they want from you, so the Russians will lower a crane and lift your rowboat onto the tanker. Once up top, they'll give you a glass of vodka and some caviar and hand you a globe. The Russian Captain will point to Russia on the globe and start nodding vigorously. You'll shake your head, lift his hand and spin the globe until you can put his finger on the coast of Maine. You'll nod vigorously.

The Russian Captain's eyes will go wide as he spins the globe slowly to realize how far they have to go to get their oil to Russia. Then he'll take his cap in his hand and start slapping another Russian over the head (the navigator, you'll assume).

After some more vodka and caviar, the Russians will lower you down to the lagoon in your boat so that you can continue fishing. But you'll be a little too tipsy from the alcohol so you'll just nap for a bit instead.

Happy Boats Crash Day!