Friday, March 26, 2004

All His Heads Day!

There are only six.

The most frequent is the one with the straight horizontal line just underneath the nose. Next on the list is the lips slightly parted with the eyes closed. Third is the eyes kind of shut and the lips in a near-pucker, but angry, not intentionally sexy, yet sexy anyhows. That third head is what appears just before his body splits out the front door with no phone call until the head gets 80 to 180 ounces of beer poured in between its lips. Fourth most frequent has a smile on it, just beneath the nose. This one's okay. Fifth has a big bruise around one of the eyes, usually appears the next time he shows up after number three splits. Sixth is the potluck. You're sick of all six of them, but you can't stop slapping two of them up against your gash.

Happy All His Heads Day!