Thursday, January 16, 2003

Starz "Seeing What Fits Up Your Ass" Day!

Today, for 24 hours, there's a Starz channel called Starz "Seeing What Fits Up Your Ass" which is a 24 hour live feed of you walking around the house and checking to see what items you can put inside your ass.

I'm not really sure it's you. Or rather, it's definitely you, but I don't know how "You" it is. You look sort of hypnotized, or at least real focused on putting things inside your ass to see if they fit. I'm betting you can watch the channel too. Sometimes, people just sort of show up on a live video feed of them walking around the house seeing what they can fit up their asses. Even though they were at work all day and they have witnesses.

At around 11 am, it was weird, you had just shoved a high school Crew trophy up your ass and it went in real easy too. Then you tried to stuff this enormous bowl of fruit up your ass. The bowl must have been three feet in diameter, and there were oranges and pears and bananas piled high, but you'd just kind of squat over it, then lower yourself down real slow, as if you were afraid of scaring the fruit away. Then when one of the pieces of fruit would inevitably tumble from the bowl, you'd get up and put it back in it's place with great care and deliberation, then you'd get in position to lower your asshole over the bowl of fruit for another try. It took you like 45 minutes to give up, and when you did you didn't seem disappointed at all. In fact, you've looked really at peace the whole time.

Right now you're trying to shove the living room wall up your ass.

Happy Starz "Seeing What Fits Up Your Ass" Day!