Monday, January 06, 2003

The Christmas Tree Is How They're Going To Catch You Day!

You've been mimicking the life of your upstairs neighbor for weeks now, killing off all of his enemies one by one, using methods only he would use. With every disappearance you've sent the investigator directly up the steps past your door with a question: "Where were you last night Bradley?"

The best part, Bradley always has an alibi. You've made sure of that. And the investigator is a shrewd one. Even though all signs point to your upstairs neighbor as the killer, the investigator can't help but believe there is something far more mind boggling going down. He wants to find that little detail and he thinks it's right there in front of his eyes. As he walks towards the building with the question on his tongue, the investigator can feel the killer near. And as soon as Bradley opens his door, the feeling evaporates into a fog of frustration.

Bradley has a beautiful Christmas tree lit up with white light in his streetside picture window and he won't take it down. So neither can you. Even though you know it's the clue literally lit up in lights for the entire city to look up from the sidewalk and see. You can't take it down until Bradley does. Not if you want to continue to live as Bradley lives. And you want no other life, even though you know it will be your ruin.

The investigator found the body of Bradley's former publisher this evening. He's on his way over. And he might look up at the building and wonder why two people living above and below each other would choose to keep their Christmas trees lit up with white light as late as January 6th.

Happy The Christmas Tree Is How They're Going To Catch You Day!