Friday, January 31, 2003

Invisibility Day!

It's been three days and four hours since you've had a drink and you're so depressed right now. But don't forget, the dryout is for the greater good of your laboratory experiments and you're just a calculation away from perfecting your powers of invisibility. You're at the point where you can pretty much slip out of your physical shell like it was a party dress in the back of a town car. Which means tonight you'll finally be able to be privy to every private moment in the life of that chick in accounting you're so hot for. Since she's been really cold to you ever since the two of you and a few other people went out for drinks after work a couple years ago and you made some delicate remarks about her being black, and since she's been married for eight months now, this invisibility thing is really the only way you're going to get a foot in the door of her private life.

She's going to be hitting the gym right after work tonight so you can see her nude then. In the locker room. She even changes her underwear, but unfortunately she wears her workout clothes home so she can shower there because the locker room is so humid she feels like she can never quite dry off enough after using their shower stalls. So you'll have to follow her home if you wanna watch her take a shower.

After the gym, she and her husband have tickets to see the Society For The Performing Arts' production of Sugar Babies. Have fun!