Saturday, January 25, 2003

Bring A Present To A Funeral Day!

Hallmark ain't quite figured it out yet, so how 'bout you start a gift-giving tradition by wrapping up a kitschy little over-priced knick-knack and just leaving it on the foyer table at the reception for your friend's dad's funeral. Imagine how she'll feel when she finally has everyone out of the house and she gets to let her shoulders fall without fear of someone jumping up from the couch to brace her against her grief, she pours herself a glass of wine too many and plops down on the couch to open up the only gift anyone thought to bring and guess what!

"Jenny bought me a pack of Mae West refrigerator magnets for my Dad's funeral! Man oh man am I lucky to have such a thoughtful friend that she remembered my postured appreciation of the work of Mae West on the day my Dad was lowered into his grave. He died at 56 of cancer, by the way."

Whatever you do, don't call your friend until she calls you to thank you for the gift. Even if you never hear from her again.

Happy Bring A Present To A Funeral Day!