Monday, January 27, 2003

Start A Family Day!

Buy some soup. Enough soup to feed everyone in the family you hope to have for at least one whole day. So if you want to have three boys and a spouse, buy about fifteen cans of soup to get you all through breakfast lunch and dinner. This way, if you get pregnant or if someone you have sex with gets pregnant and you want to convince your partner that the baby should not be murdered, but rather, it should be birthed and fed soup, when your partner says, "Where the fuck are we gonna find the money for soup?!" you can show him or her the cabinet full of soup that you bought and you can be all, "Check it out, yo. I already got one whole day X'd out on the calendar. And that's how we should approach keeping our little baby alive. Don't think too far ahead. Take it one day at a time." There is no way to argue against that. There is no way to argue against that. There is no way.