Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Blame It On The AZT Day!

A little testy at brunch this morning with your sweetums? Blame it on the AZT! Talk about how they bungled your levels at the understaffed hospital pharmacy and it'll buy you at least a few hours. If you end up losing your temper again when you go out for your after dinner coffee, just apologize and say, "I really don't mean to be so prickly. I just can't seem to kick this sheep pneumonia."

These are just stall tactics of course. Eventually you're going to have to sit your NaughtyNaughty down and say flat out that you don't think you can get serious with someone who has dyslexia. Don't mention that you get grossed out when you feel his or her double chin pinch your own chin when you kiss. That would be mean. You need your karma right about now, yo.

Happy Blame It On The AZT Day!