Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Blackjack Day!

Tonight you’re going to lose at Blackjack and you’re going to lose big. So big that the Blackjack dealer will have a crisis of conscience and quit his job on the spot.

“I can’t be party to the ruin of lives anymore,” the dealer will tell his boss.

“Who cares?” the boss will say in acceptance of his resignation.

Wait outside the casino and when the Blackjack dealer comes out say, “Thanks for quitting for me. I guess we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now.”

Take the Blackjack dealer to the parking lot where all the casino buses empty their port-o-johns. Find a space between the buses and escort him through your many erotic realms.

When finished, take him home and give him a bath and your bed. Spend the next 47 years blissfully happy together until the day of the car crash.

Happy Blackjack Day!