Monday, September 11, 2006

Pregnant Buddies Day!

You and your best friend have been doing everything together since you were kids. You started wearing bras together, you got boyfriends at the same time, you both lost your virginity on the same night, and you always got the same grades on all the tests. And all these years later, even though you and her live on opposite sides of the country now, you and your best friend in the whole wide world found out you're both pregnant at almost the exact same time.

'Oh my God I can't believe it!' you'll say.

'It's just like when we used to go shopping together and buy the same clothes!' your friend will say. 'I'm so glad we get to do this together too!'

'I know it's so great! Do you know who the father is?' you'll ask.

'Of course!' your friend will say. 'It's my husband! Who's the father of yours?'

Your heart will sink. 'I don't know. I have some ideas, but''

Your friend won't know what to say.

'At least we still get to be pregnant at the same time,' you'll say.

Your friend will say, 'Right! That's still really great!'

When you hang up, you'll begin a several-months-long period of mourning for the relationship you and your friend once had. You'll call each other a few times during the pregnancy, but it will always be awkward. Your friend will want to talk about going to Lamaze class with her husband, and you'll want to talk about waiting for hours to get prenatal care from the city, and the stark difference between your two experiences will be just too much for you to bear. You'll eventually stop calling each other. Not even on the day you deliver your baby. You won't even bother to find out whether she had hers on the same day. You'll just be so upset that she had to be selfish enough to have a baby with someone she knows and ruin your friendship forever.

Happy Pregnant Buddies Day!