Friday, September 22, 2006

You Won't See Your New Boyfriend Naked Until You Shoot Him In The Chest Day!

You're a big city police detective in London and you've been seeing this new guy Stephen for a few months now. You've enjoyed his company, but you're trying to take it slow because your track record with men hasn't been too good. You've got a whole lot of drunks and marrieds on your bedpost, and you just want to make sure you aren't making a mistake with this one. It's been difficult keeping him at a distance because there is a palpable sexual connection between you two, and it's almost felt like a crime to deny it.

Luckily, you've been too busy to see Stephen very often anyway thanks to the big werewolf problem that everyone's freaking out about. All of your free time has been spent tracking down leads, trying to find this thing before the next full moon when he turns again. But it's hard to find a big dog when his hair's all gotten sucked back under his skin.

'I might not be able to catch the beast until the height of the full moon,' you told Stephen last week. 'But rest assured, I'll catch him. And after that, I want to see a whole lot more of you. In fact, I want to see all of you.'

Stephen said, 'Jolly good.'

The full moon is tonight, and you will make good on your promise. You will catch the werewolf when you open fire on it as it's bounding down an alley straight for your throat. And you'll finally see all of Stephen when the dead werewolf's claws recede and its fur disappears to reveal Stephen lying naked on the wet pavement, the five bullet-holes in his chest spurting blood and steam into the London night.

You'll kneel beside your dead boyfriend and you'll place your hand on his neck. To anyone else it would look like you were checking for a pulse. But you just want to feel his skin before it gets cold. You'll note that he has a birthmark just above his left hip. It looks like South America. You'll find a scar on his belly and you'll wonder whether the scrapes he endured as a werewolf would linger as scars when he turned back into a human, but it's probably just from an appendectomy.

You'll let your eyes search every inch of him in the few seconds before the squad of uniform cops come running down the alley to surround their fallen prey. When they arrive you'll stand up and you'll bark some orders around. Then you'll walk back to your car and drive out to the moors and with all the strength you have left, you'll cry for him.

Happy You Won't See Your New Boyfriend Naked Until You Shoot Him In The Chest Day!