Monday, September 25, 2006

Double Date Day!

Go to a drive-in, you and your girlfriend Sarina in the front seat, Gail and her boyfriend Cooper in the back seat. Gail and Sarina are best friends, and you started dating Sarina six months ago so that you could try to get closer to Gail. Sarina is a nice girl and attractive enough, but you've been dreaming about Gail ever since you first saw her walk into homeroom. You feel bad for using Sarina this way, but when it comes to Gail common decency gets tossed out the window.

Tonight you'll be making out with Sarina and you'll be able to hear Gail in the back seat making out with Cooper. With your eyes closed you'll be able to pretend that Gail's moans and gasps are coming out of Sarina's body (who is very quiet during the whole experience). It will be the most turned on you've ever gotten with Sarina or anyone else ever (you're only sixteen). Naturally, Sarina will spoil the fun when she pulls away and says she wants to go and get some popcorn.

'I'll stay here,' you'll say. Sarina will look at you strangely. Then she'll shrug and leave you alone to listen to the half-naked couple pawing at each other in the back seat.

While Sarina is gone, you'll come upon the chance of a lifetime when you hear Gail commanding Cooper to stop. He'll clearly be forcing himself on her and this will be your moment to swoop in and be a hero. You'll get out and yank the rear door open and you'll pull Cooper out of the car by his neck. Gail and Cooper will explain that everything's all right and that they're just into role-play. You'll ask them what role-play is and they'll explain that they need to pretend to do horrible stuff to each other in order to get hot. And actually, they'll add, you jumping in and acting like a hero was a pretty naughty twist. They'll ask if you're free to burst into Cooper's parents' basement rec-room tomorrow after school.

You'll be surprised to learn that kids in your high school class can be so jaded that they have to resort to such kinks, but you've always been a little less experienced than the other kids. It will be something of a disappointment to have Gail finally take an interest in you but only if you first pretend to beat up her naked boyfriend so that she can stop the fight and tell you that there's enough of her to go around. But you're in high school and sex is sex, even if there's a guy there too. Waste not, want not. Oh and, don't forget to break up with Sarina when you drop her off after the movie.

Happy Double Date Day!