Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Girl On Inner Tube Day!

You and your wife are trying to heal your relationship after she caught you cheating last year, so you decided to go kayaking together on the Delaware River. The reconciliation will be going well up until you catch sight of a beautiful girl on an inner tube. She'll look at you and smile, and you'll instantly decide that you have to have her. To impress the girl on the inner tube, you'll send yourself into an under-water spin, but you don't know how to do those and you'll crack your head on a rock, knocking yourself unconscious.

When you wake up in the hospital, your wife will smother you with joy at having you back. You'll be about to apologize to her and confess that your propensity to cheat nearly killed you and that it had to be a sign from God that you have to honor the vow you took when you married. Before you confess, you'll discover the girl in the inner tube is there by your bed as well. Your wife will introduce you to her.

'This is Maya,' she'll say. 'She helped rescue you from the water.'

Looking into Maya's beautiful eyes you'll realize that you were wrong about the sign from God. Your wife introducing you to the girl on the inner tube must be the real sign from God. Apparently God wants to see you and Maya do it so bad he smashed your head on a rock just to get you two to meet. You'll recover very rapidly, impatient to get out of bed and cheat on your wife with Maya. It's probably going to be awesome if God's this excited about it.

Happy Girl On Inner Tube Day!