Friday, October 13, 2006

Concoct A Delightfully Mischievous Plan To Get Your Divorced Dad To Marry Your Best Friend's Divorced Mom Day!

You and your best friend Sarah are eleven years old and you're both children of divorce. You're both okay with it, but your Dad and Sarah's mom and still recovering from their respective splits and frankly, you're both sick of listening to your parents wailing alone in their bedrooms after they think you've fallen asleep. You and Sarah think you'd make great sisters and since your respective parents are both heterosexual members of the opposite sex who are not presently married, you have no reason to believe their marriage wouldn't be a runaway success (you're eleven and haven't dated much yet. It's all very new).

It's time for you and Sarah to get your parents to fall in love and get married via a delightfully mischievous plan concocted by the two of you. While your parents would normally be upset to learn that they were tricked into meeting and falling for each other, when they learn that it was their respective daughters' planning that made their love connection, they'll only be able to find the whole thing to be delightfully mischievous. Here's what you're gonna do.

You and Sarah are going to tell your parents to take you shopping at the same department store, and you'll tell them to take different routes to get there, making sure the routes cross paths at a predetermined blind curve. When both cars approach the curve, Sarah will lean over and step on the gas pedal while grabbing the wheel to steer her mother's car into oncoming traffic. She'll have already undone her seatbelt so when the cars crash, she'll fly through the windshield (you both agreed Sarah is the stronger one who would likely come out of a coma faster). All four of you will be sent to the same hospital, and while you, your Dad and Sarah's mom will recover quickly, Sarah's injuries will keep her in bed for far longer and the three of you will provide each other support while she makes her way out of the ICU. The constant leaning on each other is guaranteed to make your Dad and Sarah's mom fall in love, and when Sarah's all better and they finally find out how you devised the accident that led to their falling for each other, you can count on them to raise a toast to your delightful mischievousness at their wedding. All of the guests will stand and applaud and you'll be an inspiration for children of divorce all over the world.

Happy Concoct A Delightfully Mischievous Plan To Get Your Divorced Dad To Marry Your Best Friend's Divorced Mom Day!