Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shoot The Singer Day!

He's held sway over your heart for far too long. With just a quiver of his voice around an unintelligible lyric, the singer has the power to cast you into a world where hearts that break can't ever be healed, where people say goodbye before they should, where the only thing that makes any sense is when someone disappears. Just like a king with too much power, no one can expect to wield such omnipotent control without those under his reign getting it in their heads to rise up and ovethrow because they know they don't have anything to lose. The singer did himself in, really. Since you never knew anything to be true until he sang it for you, ultimately it will have to have been his song that told you to raise your gun above the crowd and pull the trigger and kill the singer. If it wasn't him that told you to, who then?

Who then?

Happy Shoot The Singer Day!