Thursday, June 22, 2006

You Are Blind But You Heard A Murder Day!

Today you are blind but you were in a parking garage when you heard a woman scream and then fall to the ground after what sounded like a dull thud. You are the only one who was there, so the police will seek your help. Explain to them that you are blind and ultimately useless, unless it's helpful to them that the woman screamed the word 'No' before she died.

The detective (who sounds world-weary but intuitive) will say, 'It is rather helpful, considering that the woman who was murdered was mute.'

You'll gasp, 'But that means!'

'There was another woman in that garage,' the detective will say. 'And she's still alive. Good work, Darkness.' The Detective calls you Darkness, which is fun because you've never had a nickname since you're blind.

Shout, 'Lets go find her! I'll drive.'

The detective will let you drive and you'll crash into the side of a building.

Happy You Are Blind But You Heard A Murder Day!