Friday, June 09, 2006

Get Pregnant On A Beach Day!

Tonight you should leave the others behind in the garden and escape to the beach for a moonlit walk with your boyfriend. The two of you will find an empty spot where you'll stretch out in the sand, kissing and caressing each other while the waves crash nearby. His face in that moonlight will be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Normally when you fool around, his movements are awkward and unsure. It could be the alcohol or just the moonlight, but tonight as his hands move from your breasts to your face and to your ass and up under your dress, he'll be as graceful as a breeze. When you pull him inside you, it will feel perfect, as necessary as if sex with your boyfriend fulfilled a promise to a dead best friend. It will be the best, most loving sex you've ever had. Afterwards, while you sleep on the beach in each other's arms, the first bits of a baby will begin to take form inside you. You'll wake at dawn and go back to the house.

You won't learn about your pregnancy for another twelve days, so it won't ruin your trip. When you discover that you're pregnant, you'll be swept back to that night on the beach, to the way he touched you. The way he seemed to praise your body. You'll remember how he seemed to strive to give you all of himself, and you'll know that you won't be able to tell him about the pregnancy unless you decide to keep it. He seems like a 'It's my baby too' kind of guy, and nothing ruins a boyfriend more than when he starts saying stuff like 'it's my baby too.' Keep him in the dark if you abort. The deceit might not feel right, but sometimes deceit is necessary if you want your superfun boyfriend to remain superfun.

Happy Get Pregnant On A Beach Day!