Thursday, June 29, 2006

Accept That Challenge Day!

Your nemesis just hijacked a satellite feed so that he could control the television airwaves and broadcast a public message to you. He came on the TV screen, apologized for the interruption, then challenged you to drink a bottle of his pee.

'It's only 20 ounces,' he said, holding up a soda bottle full of the dark yellow urine, 'And it's fresh. Also, I've been eating lots of mangos.'

Your nemesis says that you could choose to refuse to drink it in front of the whole world if you like, 'But then what would your precious human race think of you?'

Immediately after your nemesis signed off with a giggly little, 'And we now return to your regularly scheduled program,' people all over the world started kind of praying to you. 'Drink the pee,' they pleaded from their living rooms. 'Don't let him win!'

You really don't like pee, but there's more at stake here than what you like or don't like. If you don't accept his challenge and beat him at this game, he'll be able to tell everyone all over the world that he peed in a bottle and you were too scared to drink it. You'll be ruined and the world will be his to manipulate to whatever doom he wishes. DRINK.

Happy Accept That Challenge Day!