Thursday, January 19, 2006

Now Your Coat Smells Like Her Coat Day!

Last night, you and your ex-girlfriend attended the same housewarming party of a friend who is as mutual as your decision to break up. You arrived at the same time and shared an elevator, which meant that you tossed your coats onto the bed one after the other.

On the walk home, you started to panic and you couldn't tell why. Your fa�ade of "I just feel like things are only going to get better" was falling apart, and you could feel the crumbling pieces pile into your belly. Your steps grew heavier as you climbed out of the subway and you wondered whether you could make it home or whether you should fall to the base of a building and just stop breathing.

Breathing. You were breathing in her scent. Your coats rested on top of each other, and now your coat smells like her coat. You slept with your coat in your arms last night.

Today, call in sick and stay in bed with your face buried in the meat of your coat. Pray to God that she's doing the same thing with her coat.

Happy Now Your Coat Smells Like Her Coat Day!