Sunday, January 15, 2006

Beauty School Dropout Day!

Another one of your students is going to drop out of beauty school today because someone will have offered her 700 dollars to sell drugs to kids. Every time one of your beauty school students gives up on her chance to become a beautician and turns to a life of crime, you feel like you're the one who should be thrown in jail.

"It's my job to keep these girls off the streets by showing them the kind of life they can lead if they just hang in there long enough to rent a chair in a salon," you'll explain to your mother, with whom you still live. "If I lose just one, I'm not doing my job. It's like I put the gun into my student's hand and told her to point it at a little kid and pull the trigger."

Your mother will say, "You think you feel like a failure? I'm the one who raised you. I deserve to die."

Tell your Mom that you're sick of her always making everything all about her.

Happy Beauty School Dropout Day!