Tuesday, May 25, 2004

You Can Bring Home The Bacon Day!

You can let the bacon sit in the freezer until you move out of your apartment and you have to empty the place out to get your deposit back.

Jena used to cook bacon. On Saturday mornings. The first few times it was a lark. She'd laugh while she cooked it. You laughed while you ate it. You both felt like you were play-acting, doing what your parents used to do on Saturday mornings. It was funny lookin'.

After a few months, bacon became a part of the nutritious Saturday morning breakfast in apartment 22D. Every morning, Jena would wake up, brew the coffee, and get started on bacon and either eggs or pancakes. She didn't laugh while she cooked it anymore. And you didn't laugh while you ate it. Which of course made you look more like your parents than ever, because neither of you could see how funny lookin' it was.

Jena started working on Saturdays when she got promoted to adminstrative director at the theater. You went back to egg sandwiches from the deli, if you got out of the apartment in time for breakfast at all. Things didn't feel right. You never noticed it then, but the problem was that you stopped looking like your parents, which was funny lookin', whether you knew it or not. Around that time, not a lot was funny lookin' to you and Jena.

You bought the bacon today thinking you might make yourself some this Saturday. You won't, but maybe one day you'll bring someone home who'll find the bacon in the freezer and cook it up for the two of you. If not, the freezer will keep it from going bad until you have to move out.

Happy You Can Bring Home The Bacon Day!