Sunday, May 16, 2004

Running For President Day!

Instead of running for president, Lucy's gonna get drunk with her boyfriend, have sex with him one last time, then break up with him.

"I just think we don't really have a shot at anything awesome," she'll say to him. She'll sit Indian style on the edge of the bed, giving her naked stomach a crease. He'll lay along the length of the bed with his back up on the pillows.

"You're just trying to kill it before you have to put any effort in. It's what you always do," he'll say.

"What do you mean, like I always do? What else have I given up on?"

His eyes go wide with disbelief. "How's that presidential run coming?"

"2008. You'll see."

"And the massage therapy license?"

She'll say this to her knees. "Carpal tunnel. I told you."

"Right," he'll say. "And how's the drug dealing coming along?"

"Oh for God's sake. There's too much competition."

"You never even tried to get a supplier!"

"Maybe I would've been dealing drugs by now if you'd offered some words of support instead of throwing all my failures up in my face all the time."

He won't say anything at first. Then, "You're right. I'll try harder to be supportive if you'll stay."

"No," she'll say.

Happy Running For President Day!