Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Bricklayer's Song Day!

The bricklayer is tired, lonely, and sick of laying fucking bricks. So he wrote a song to get him through the day. It's called, "Smokin' Hot Mama."

Smokin' Hot Mama
by The Bricklayer (Tim Girardi)

Here she comes down the avenue
In her dress all pretty and sewn
Draggin' behind her a wagon full of pears
Oooooooh. Luscious.

Smokin' hot mama
All firey thoughts and bad intentions
Smokin' hot mama
Fruit stand supplya' (probably...or maybe she just found those pears...I've never seen her before honestly and I'm too shy around women to ask)

There she goes underneath the overpass
Noise of the cars above filling up her dress
She's out from underneath the overpass now
Smokin' hot Mama, so many bricks, Jesus. (a whole building and I just got started)


Happy The Bricklayer's Song Day!