Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Twelve Thousand Bats Day!

Your favorite sports bar used to be a speakeasy with many private rooms outfitted for bootleg gin, poker, and "other." Some of these rooms have been renovated for storage and for private meeting rooms. Some have not been opened. In one of them there live 12,000 bats.

That one room, the one with the 12,000 bats, the bar back just discovered the sealed up door that leads to it. He presently has the dishwasher and the grill cook trying to pry it open with various heavier kitchen utensils. When they get it open, not all 12,000 bats will pour out into the bar area. Maybe a good two or three thousand. Anyway, enough bats will pour out to cloud over the entire giant plasma screen currently showing the Knicks-Spurs game. So you're going to miss your game. And you're going to get bit on the nose, cheek, neck, and scalp. Bit by bats.

Some of the bats are freakishly huge. Like eight pounds.

Happy Twelve Thousand Bats Day! Button up.