Monday, May 03, 2004

Goodbye Georgia O'Keefe Day!

"It was pretty much slow-motion," you tell the one with the pen and the piece of paper. "It all only should've taken a second, but it felt like it went on for twenty minutes."

"Step-by-step," the officer says.

"Okay," you say. "I threw the Frisbee up to my little brother by the street. It was a long throw so I gave it all I got. Of course, it went over his head and into the street. That's when I saw the hatchback coming straight at him. He was a goner for sure. But then with a streak of gray behind her, Georgia O'Keefe swooped out of the sky and flung a handful of mud at the car's windshield, making it swerve off down the hill and into the rocky beach of the creek below.

"I ran up to the street to wear Georgia O'Keefe was hugging my brother. I said to her, 'Thank God for you Georgia O'Keefe.' And she said, 'Check it out kid. Don't be counting on me for too much longer. As of the last Friday in May, I'm out of the superhero business.' I said that's fine I understand."

The one without the pen and piece of paper asks, "But why didn't she just grab your little brother out of the way? She ended up killing that couple in the hatchback, you know."

You shrug. "Georgia O'Keefe saves little kids. Grown-ups and pets often get killed in the process, but she don't care. That's the way it works with her."

"Well she may be a superhero kid," says the one with the piece of paper and pen, "But we're still gonna bring her in."

You say, "Don't! She'll commit suicide if she's incarcerated. She's constantly looking for a reason to commit suicide. It's all she talks about!"

Happy Goodbye Georgia O'Keefe Day!