Saturday, May 29, 2004

Blood On The Hula Hoop Day!

Guy got shot doing a hula hoop. Got shot in the belly. Kids. Drove past saw guy out on his driveway doing the hula hoop with a big smile on his face, like he knows everyone in their cars is loving it. Bang. Some kid just leaned a gun out his window and shot the guy's gut wide. He was hula hooping then this POP! Of blood blurts out from the middle of him and his hands slap down at his belly and he flops backwards. Man did he scream. The car that shot him zipped into the back driveway of a strip mall across the street, but all the other cars, we all just stayed in the lane waiting for the turning light. A couple people pulled over onto the median and ran out to help. But most everyone else just waited to turn. And you know that intersection. That light lets three cars turn at the most. So we waited for the light to change about four times, just staring at that guy writhing on the ground, people leaning over him. Just edged up to the intersection a little bit by bit. Then finally we turned onto 223 and headed on to Grandmom's.

Happy Blood On The Hula Hoop Day!