Wednesday, October 01, 2003

You're Just Another Ballerina Day!

Beg him back. And hurry. Think he won't get over you? You're just another fucking ballerina.

For God's sake he's wardrobe. You all come running to him with your frays and your split seams and you beg and plead and cry. He sews it all up, good as new, and it's like all of a sudden you've been handed the Daddy who was never sober enough to make it all better when you fell off your bike, so you fuck the living shit out of him. He's slept with almost every girl in the cast, except for Monica. But that's only because she killed herself before he had the chance.

Beg him the fuck back. And hurry. What you had with him was a love special enough that he'll come back if you get to him in time. But it wasn't special enough that he won't have to run through more than three or four more ballerinas before he can say out loud to himself "guess she must have been just another ballerina."

He's young and he's stupid and he still believes that there's no limit to how many times a man can fall in love (the limit is six).

Happy You're Just Another Ballerina Day!