Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Close To You Day!

You think David is dead because he stopped writing. He is not. Your mailman is simply in love with you and he's been hoarding David's letters to you and opening and reading them to find out more about you, find out what sort of man can win your heart. Your mailman is trying to learn who to be so that someone like you might one day wait for letters from someone like him.

First and foremost, your mailman thinks he should become the sort of man who works for an environmental concern in South America. Second, your mailman thinks he should be the kind of fellow that meets the woman he loves for a week's vacation in a province of Canada and then recollects the time he spent there with her in letters written months later. Third, your mailman believes his handwriting could do with some degrees of improvement.

But above all, your mailman knows that he should be the sort of man who has a relationship with a woman that goes well beyond timing his presence at the door of your building to coincide with your departure from the building just so that he might for a few seconds share the small vestibule with you. But he'll be there again today at 8:25 AM, and you'll ask him if there is anything for you and he'll hand you a cellular phone bill. You will be disappointed. He will be standing only eleven inches away from you.

Happy Close To You Day!