Thursday, October 16, 2003

Hot Cowboy Day!

You hate the stink of hot cowboy. But you've been DJ'ing this line dancing gig for six years now and it's all that you know how to do.

Also, you're the best.

First time you breathed in some hot cowboy, you brought him home to stay for two years. Two wonderful years that ended the night a bounty hunter burst into your bedroom and ripped his naked swearing body from your arms and dragged him off to honor the word he gave to his bail bondsman.

You swore that night that your sheets would never be tainted with the stench of hot cowboy again. But four years is a long time to go it alone. And you've made some slips along the way, one slip that lasted eight months, another slip that lasted three years and four months. A slip that's driving his truck to Los Angeles as you sit there behind your turntables, spinning like only you know. With every flick of your wrist the booted folks up and down those lines can feel your declarations of never, never again. Hot cowboy just ain't never gonna be cool.

Would you be this good if if didn't make you ache? Is being a linedance DJ all you have, or is being a linedance DJ all you ever wanna be? Linedance DJ gonna stink with fresh hot cowboy on her shirt collar tonight.

Happy Hot Cowboy Day!