Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Build Clouds Day!

Build four clouds. One from newspapers, one from a soap bubble and the smoke of a cigarette, one from stone, and one from shirts. Then hold the clouds over your bed when it's time for your lover to wake up. When his eyes flutter open and he looks up and sees you waving the clouds over him, say "Wake up sleepyface. What's a matter, too cloudy?" When he laughs, switch clouds. Drop the two in your hands and pick up the two that are sitting on the bed and wave them over the bed in a circular motion. Your lover will ask you to c'mere, in a let's screw kinda way. Don't. Instead, move the clouds around in an even faster circular motion and shout, "Uh oh! Storm front!" Then start spitting on the blanket.

Happy Build Clouds Day!