Thursday, October 02, 2003

Cabride With A One Night Stand Day!

Her sweet tender kiss makes you think that having sex with her tonight
Would be the perfect revenge for that three and a half year old break up you never got over

His kiss tastes like chewed food, so you try to focus all of your concentration
On his erection poking into your hip.

You’re both a little carsick from the alcohol
So you stop kissing, play with each other’s jacket zippers, and start in with the questions

How long have you lived in the city? Are your parents still together? Isn’t it cold out lately?
She says 4 years, they divorced when I was ten, and yes but I kind of like it
But you don’t pay attention
You just watch her profile up against the passing cityscape in the taxicab’s window
You think that she would look good showing up to parties with you

Where did you grow up? What do you want to be? What made you come up and talk to me?
He says New Jersey, a drummer in a band, you look pretty when you sip from a glass
But his answers aren’t important
What’s important is that his hair comes down in front of his eyes
It might be nice to be old and lying in a hospital bed and brushing that hair away to look into those eyes just one last time

Maybe it’s just because this is your very first cabride together, your very first time going home together, the very first time you’ll ever sleep together
That you both can’t help but think that for the two of you, this’ll always be the very first time
Assuming it isn’t the last

The cool night air
Makes you feel that your stomachs have settled
So she climbs atop your lap and you start to kiss some more

And you try not to let on how panicked you are over the fact that your erection disappeared 30 blocks ago
And you’re afraid it might not ever come back again EVER! EVER! EVER!

Happy Cabride With A One Night Stand Day!