Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Seventeen Minutes At Kennedy Airport Day!

He's going to get on a plane to Madrid and you can't go with him past the security gates. Past the security gates, he's going to leave you behind. The love ends here, at Kennedy Airport. So make some small talk with the people in line around you.

"Hi. He's going to send me a letter in three months telling me that he's a different person who's met someone new and he doesn't think we should see each other anymore."

"Hi. He got me pregnant twice. In seventeen minutes, I'll be kissing him for the last time. I'm okay with it I guess. I'm only 20."

"Hi. Did you drop these gloves? One and a half years we've been in love I think. I mean, it was definitely love, but shouldn't I be sobbing or something? In August, we stayed in bed for twelve days straight. That's something, isn't it? Is that something?"

When he is standing at the security gate, looking at his watch, make faster small talk with the people in line around you so you don't make him miss his plane.

"Hi. See him over there? Do you think we look good together? I never thought so. I think I look better with his friend Marcus, honestly. Though I was never attracted to Marcus. But I look better standing next to Marcus. He can fuck like it's gonna end hunger. No not Marcus. Him."

"Hi. Do you speak English? Fuck."

"Hi. Wanna see something cool? I'm going to go kiss my boyfriend goodbye forever. We're not breaking up. He's just going to Madrid. He'll come back, but not to me. Watch this."

Now go to him and wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him with all you've got in you. Stick one of your fingernails underneath another of your fingernails to bring tears to your eyes.

Happy Seventeen Minutes At Kennedy Airport Day!