Friday, April 26, 2002

Tell A Stranger At A Bar Your Story Day!

Pick the spot at the bar where it seems like no matter how crowded and rowdy and young it gets all around you, your little section of stools is as solemn as a confessional. Someone is going to approach you with a pickup line, but you'll know by his or her tone that the last thing on his or her mind is getting into your pants. By the way you're sipping that scotch, s/he can almost read on your face the story you have to tell. You might be suspicious at first, but you know you got one choice. Tell your story tonight or it dies with you.

No one's saying what your story should be about, but people enjoy hearing about fires being set to things for insurance money. Unfaithful spouses and hitchhiking ghosts on highways can be quite intriguing as well. If your story involves important details like "Pilates Class Enrollment Forms" or the words "He Molested Me," embellish. After you tell the story, you should take your audience back to your place and make urgent love. Assuming, of course, that you don't die by your own hand in the restroom first. Happy Tell A Stranger At A Bar Your Story Day!