Thursday, April 18, 2002

Remember The Hue And Texture Of An Ex-Lover's Skin Day!

"It could keep the neighbors awake it seemed to glow so bright."
- Edward Mangum, Seattle, WA. Pisces.

"I wanna say her ass felt like velvet, but when you're in love with a new chick, everything feels like velvet. But I used to rest my cheek on her ass, sometimes I'd fall asleep there, and it was like I could use night time as a pillow for my head."
- Lisa Colleti, Pittsburgh, PA. School Board Administrator.

"He was this beet, bright red all over except where his thighs met his crotch. That was this sick white. And he was coarse. It felt like there were several layers of skin that needed to be peeled off but he would never get around to it. Like vacuuming. His skin suited him."
- Christine Eleanor, Chatsworth, CA. 1966-2000.

"She was yellow. Like she was supposed to be beige or whatever, but her insides where made of the colour orange."
- Kevin Brown, Sheffield, UK. Hobbies include painting.

"Fucked up, yeah, but I swear his nipples were the exact same color as the surrounding skin. So, you would, I mean I would get really weirded out because he'd just have these bumps of skin with no other disparity. It looked like the way someone would design an alien in a movie."
- Chelsea Solchnikov, Plano, TX. Democrat.