Friday, April 19, 2002

Be A Hero Day!

You'll need a shortwave radio or police scanner to keep an ear to the ground for anyone in distress. You should back your car into your parking space rear first so you can pull out fast and also keep your shoes and socks on so you don't have to waste any time pulling your shoes and socks on when you hear that a woman was taken hostage by three masked hoodlums at First National Bank, forcing police to stand down. Get over there and tell the pencil-pushing flat-footed pigs to let you have a crack at the scumbag punks. When you get inside, act like you're going to negotiate, then knock the gun away from the woman's head, push her out of the way, then run up a wall and do a flip through the air and knock two of the three guys unconscious with a double kick, then grab a gun that one of them tossed in the air and aim it at the third guy.

Or you could just warn someone that s/he is about to step in a pile of dogshit. Either way, you're totally gonna get laid. Because today's Be A Hero Day!