Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Just Go Downstairs And Ask Him Day!

You say to him look I’ve noticed these 22 years that you’ve been down here living alone just I’ve been living alone in the apartment one flight up. I had my reasons for living that way as I’m sure you have, though I can’t remember what mine were, haven’t been able to remember for about the last ten. Anyway, tell him, I hear the records you play down here and I like almost all of them except for the Steely Dan and the Edie Brickell. Thing is I’m gonna die and you’re gonna die, tell him, and we only got a handful of years left. Figure I could do a lot worse than dying alongside a man with a tolerable music collection so what do you say, you ask.

He’ll ask what he says to what. Guess you didn’t quite full on ask just yet.

Say what do you say to you and me. The two of us. Dying together.

I can’t live without my Dan, he’ll say. Can’t die without em neither.

And the Edie?

He’ll take a breath. She can take a walk, he’ll say.

He’ll step aside in his doorway for you to come inside and live out your final years in his apartment. You’ll take a look around the place, looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since Bill Clinton. Say maybe we should die upstairs in my place. Tell him he can bring the Dan.

Happy You Just Go Downstairs And Ask Him Day!