Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Round Noon Day!

You come in around noon every single day. “I’d like you to sit at the booth over there,” he’ll tell you. “See I handle the counter orders and my wife waits on the booths.” Tell him you like the counter. “My wife waits on the booths,” he’ll say. “It’s better that you sit over there.” You look at his wife, who is scowling at you from the serving station. Tell him there shouldn’t be an issue. That you’re just here to eat food and you should be allowed to sit where you like. “Please sit in that booth over there,” he’ll say. “My wife will take your order.” Go to the booth. When his wife comes by, she won’t say a word. She’ll just wait for you to say “Pancakes” then she’ll bring the slip of paper to the kitchen never weakening her suspicious frown. You thought for sure you kept your feelings a secret. Could she really know the depth of your feelings for her husband just by the way you spoke to him in the twelve words of conversation it took for him to take your order every day? Or did she detect something in his behavior? She must have detected something in his behavior. Now’s your chance. Run to the counter while she’s in the kitchen. “Out back in two minutes,” tell him. “I’ll bring my car around. You bring nothing but your beautiful face, and those two beautiful hands to lay upon my skin.” He’ll say, “Make it 90 seconds or she’ll stop us.” Race out that front door, making sure to grab the cowbell on the hinge so the sound doesn’t draw her back to the floor, then skid around to the back lot and get ready to peel away to a life of fresh, wonderful pancakes, every single morning, sprinkled with a layer of delicious love. Happy Round Noon Day!