Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Popcorn Factory Deaths Day!

Today you’re supposed to show up at the popcorn factory to commemorate the deaths that took place there two years ago which were your fault. You were making love with a delivery man while you were supposed to be watching the heating facility and the fires spread. You felt bad but the whole thing was shown to be an accident so you weren’t prosecuted.

You’re going to show up late to the memorial today because you’ll be making love to someone you met at a sandwich window. When you finally show up at the memorial everyone will look at you and shake their heads.

“Sorry I was…” you’ll say. “I got some action again.”

“That’s our Martha,” the mother of one of the deceased will say.

Everyone will laugh and then one of the fathers of the deceased will point to your skirt, which is tucked into your stockings.

You’ll sit down and the sister of one of the deceased will whisper in your ear, “Your promiscuity makes me feel so alive.”

You’ll tap her hand and lean forward because you don’t like when strangers get touchy, then you’ll grab some popcorn from your bag and start guzzling it down because you’re starved.

Happy The Popcorn Factory Deaths Day!