Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Captain SpraySpray Day!

You’re a graffiti artist who has kept his identity a secret for years, except now you have a nemesis who wants to expose you. Today he kidnapped Maura, the girl you love but who doesn’t like you because she thinks you’re a house-painter and that you could never be a super-talented graffiti artist. He says unless you come forward and identify yourself as the super-talented graffiti artist, he’ll kill her.

You have no choice but to send Jeff, one of your assistants, to pretend to be you.

“Yup,” Jeff will say. “I’m Captain SpraySpray.”

“Of course you are,” your nemesis will say. “I have no reason to doubt you.”

“You’re as handsome as I always imagined,” Maura will say to Jeff.

Jeff will immediately go home and make love to Maura. They’ll marry hastily and live off of the million dollar contracts to spraypaint the office walls of dotcom companies that want to seem with-it. He’ll hire you on as his assistant and he’ll be very tyrannical.

Happy Captain SpraySpray Day!