Friday, July 17, 2009

You Sell Old Playboys Day!

Tonight's your third date with Susan and you really think she might be the one for you so you're going to have to tell her the truth.

"I'm not the owner of several night clubs in New York, Miami, and Sao Paolo," you'll say to her over dessert. "I sell old Playboys on the sidewalk. On a blanket."

"A blanket?" she'll ask. "You don't have a folding table?"

"Saving up for one," tell her.

"Why did you lie to me?" she'll ask.

Tell her, "I just like you so much. You look just like Miss July, 1970."

She'll blush. "The one where she's in the hammock?"

You'll stare at her for a second, stunned by what you just heard.

"That's Miss September, 1971 for Christs sake! How could you get that wrong?"

"I'm sorry," Susan will say. "I must have got them confused."

You were all wrong about Susan. Get the hell out of there.

Happy You Sell Old Playboys Day!