Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Make Comforters Filled With Human Fat Day!

Most serial killers just want to kill people in order to dress up in their skin. You think that’s selfish. You never kill someone unless you think they have enough fat inside them to fill a queen sized comforter. So you’re kind of like Dexter. He only kills people who deserve it. You only kill people whose deaths can help others stay warm.

“It’s better than goose down,” you tell the rich people at the entrepreneur fair where you’re hoping to find investors. “It’s squishy, so the blanket oozes around your form, covering you like a womb.”

“But doesn’t human fat decay after not too long?” they ask.

“Yes,” you say. “But for a day, or at least most of an afternoon, you are snug as a bug in a rug. A rug made of human fat.”

“How much would you charge for these rapidly deteriorating blankets?”

“Well, obtaining the fat isn’t easy, but the customer is lucky in that I love the process,” you say. “Fifty grand per blanket.”

“I’d like to invest in your product sir!” one of the rich people shouts. “I will provide full funding! Whatever you need!”

Everyone at the entrepreneur fair applauds because they all know a small-business owner’s dreams just came true. Unfortunately, the man who claims to be a wealthy investor is actually the younger brother of one of your victims and he’s about to chloroform you and spend the next few days sawing you apart, slowly though so you can feel it. You try to explain to him how his older brother helped keep you warm on a cold winter’s night so his death wasn’t for nothing, but this a-hole only cares about himself.

Happy You Make Comforters Filled With Human Fat Day!